Saturday, 13 July 2013

Control Center app for Android lands on Play Store, mimics iOS 7′s best

If you’re an Android user and you’re reading this blog (because you know you want to switch to iPhone really*) you’ll be pleased to know that you can now get one of iOS 7's best features on your Google powered phone. Control Center app does exactly what you’d imagine it would do.As with anything on Android, it does have a little most customization available than the iOS version. It allows you to change the dimensions and choose where you want the touchable area to be. And – instead of AirDrop and AirPlay it features a couple of notification settings toggles. You can set to silent, or the opposite. It also adds an extra app icon to the bottom row for access to what appears to be your email inbox. 

The main thing is, it looks and feels exactly like Control Center for iOS 7. It’s the same frosted glass effect, with the same minimal dividing lines and same icons. Oh, and you can access it horizontally too. Which we – iPhone users – can’t. Hmph.If you really are an Android fan, and you’re lost looking at an iPhone blog, I highly recommend our sister site, AndroidandMe, you’ll be more at home there. They actually like Android and Google over there. Go figure. Tags: Android, Apple, Beta, Control Center, Google, iOS 7 

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