Saturday, 13 July 2013

Top 5 Stories This Week: Leaked iPhone pics, speculated iPad 5 release date and more.....

July is often the quiet before the storm of iPhone and iPad news starts to heat up. The next generation devices aren’t far away from being released, and with production ramping up very soon, it’s natural for leaked parts to surface. Over the past couple of weeks all the leaks have been supposed parts of the “budget” iPhone. It’s supposedly colorful, bright and low cost with curved edges. Apart from that, we’ve had iPad rumors, some great deals and a couple of cool glitches and hacks. Check them out below.(As always, headlines are links to the original articles if you want to read more in depth. This week, they should all open up in new tabs too, just in case you want to keep a “finger” in this page as a reference point.)

This weekend only, Best Buy kicked off a great trade-in program, offering $200 gift cards to anyone trading in an iPad 2 or 3rd gen model with Retina.As always, we got some leaked photos of the next generation iPhone and the colorful, rumored budget model.

Perhaps the least logical of all the rumors. Although the dates in themselves are fine, the logic used to get them is – quite frankly – ridiculous. So, read it with caution.Perhaps my favorite story of the week: There’s a glitch in iOS 7 beta 3 that allows you to hide unused stock iOS apps using nothing but a few presses on the home key and display.With carriers opting not to offer unlimited plans anymore, a hack has been released that allows you to bypass your carriers’ tethering restrictions and get free personal hotspot use from your iDevice.
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